My LP and DBS vocal covers!


Hello people! I’m an amateur singer (let’s call it that way hehe) and I’d like to show you some of my Linkin Park and Dead By Sunrise vocal covers that I have recently recorded.

I know every song Chester has recorded is difficult to sing but I hope I did justice to these great songs.

Feedback is really appreciated. Feel free to comment/rate the videos on my channel or add me as a friend or subscribe to my channel on youtube if you want. Thanks for watching :slight_smile:

I have also uploaded some Slipknot covers (Snuff, Psychosocial) and some Stone Sour covers (Through Glass, Inhale), in case you like those bands too.

Linkin Park

Given Up [18 second scream]

Linkin Park - Given Up (18 sec. scream) Cover

Burning In the Skies

Linkin Park - Burning In the Skies [Vocal cover]

A Place For My Head

Linkin Park - A Place For My Head [Vocal cover]


Linkin Park - Iridescent [Vocal cover]

Shadow Of the Day

Linkin Park - Shadow Of the Day [Vocal cover]

In Pieces

Linkin Park - In Pieces [Vocal cover]

Dead By Sunrise

Too Late

Dead By Sunrise - Too Late [Vocal cover]

Let Down

Dead By Sunrise - Let Down [Vocal cover]

My Suffering

Dead By Sunrise - My Suffering [Vocal cover]

Walking In Circles

Dead By Sunrise - Walking In Circles [Vocal cover]


Nice scream! xD


My god, Im speechless :smiley:


O.o :smiley:


I would like to know what your neighbors are thinking about that screaming :smiley:


Hi I did some covers too. But no as singer. I did three acoustic covers and now i am working on the fourth

there are my three covers:
Your text to link here…


the scream is really awesome. I was not sure if someone can scream like chester, so far. I think if you cover the wohle song given up, it will be very good


I couldn’t believe you managed to do that scream :open_mouth: Awesome man! I’d love to hear a cover of In Between :slight_smile:


Nice covers :slight_smile:


Awesome scream! Go on making music