My Lp graffiti :)


[b]Hello! How’s it going?
I wanted to show the “graffiti” I made a few blocks from my house, in the train station. I love coming home from work and see it in front of me…

is not much, but I hope you like it :slight_smile: [/b]

Have a Nice Day! :smiley:


Looks great!


Your grafitti looks sweet [smile]. But finally I don’t like grafittis on public walls. It’s someone else property. [sad]


Nice ;D


wow thats cool!


Very cool color
not much, right but very nice :slight_smile:


sweet [mrgreen]


Looks awesome- I’d love to work with graffiti. Some day, some day I shall!


super awesome
now next time, MAKE IT BIGGER xD then it would be even more awesome