My LP inspired work


Hey there! So you might know the song “Ambient” by LP. (if not look it up here) I’ve made a song some time ago that I’ve dedicated to this kind of musical mood. You can listen to it here:
I would love to know what you think about it! Did I catch the mood? I’m an amature in producing, but still trying my best! Love, J!


Love it ! Thanks for sharing this here…


Interesting track, currently checking out the rest of your music.

Be sure to share your works in this thread: Any music artists/ song writers?


This one was made with custom samples, all from scratch. I got a Microkorg Synth, a Kaossilator and a keyborad. When you listen through the tracks there are these that just sound more clean, these are made digitally. Basically all from “Run From Waste” downwards is custom/analogue, everything over it digital


It’s nice that you make your own samples! I mainly use my Yamaha keyboard and several VST’s, most of them come with Stagelight.


Never used VST’s, you can get them from Stagelight or?


yeah, but I’m not sure if you can use Stagelight VST’s in other DAW’s.


I think I got some in Studio One anyway, gotta check it out. There’s just so much to explore :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah also there are so many free (and good) VST’s on the internet. I recommend you check out these for example:
I use a couple of DSK’s instruments, they sound really good!