MY LPU 14 Tattoo


Having already got 12 Linkin Park Tattoos I’d been mulling over getting a LPU Tattoo for some time but didn’t just want to get the logo. Having fell in love with James Jean’s artwork for the Hunting Party album and already having his “Archer” tattooed on me, I was delighted he was doing the artwork for LPU 14 too and when I saw what he drew I knew that it was the design for me. So I went to see my tattooist just after New Year and booked in for my regular birthday appointment at the end of July and this was the result…


Now fully healed


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Ohh, wow! You got twelve Linkin Park tattoos? Can you show all of them? This one looks great!)


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ot @the_termin8r1 and @lp13413 I don´t know, why you didn´t even give another reaction than only “originally topic blablabla” it is such a chaos here in the forum, and mb the reason why he did a sep post is cause it´s about sth else here than the original tattoo threat sense,
My second point is, that it smells a lil bad, if you remember someone on the rules that you fail to comply itself , and if you like to do so, than remember: lpu-soldiers are friendly, most of the time, to each other and he´s one of us!
@bigbadboz1984 I like your tattoo, even the way it´s made like, your tattoo artist seems to be a great one. Where is he located? What I get out of your post is, that it seemed to be a tradition, that you go and have a tattoo every year as a birthdaypresent for yourself? Congrat, good idea! :sunglasses:


It’s not about being friendly or not. It’s about having 3 different threads with the same topic. It’s pretty stupid. No wonder the forums are a mess. Why can’t people just search before posting something, it’s not that hard to do.


Well @bigbadboz1984 that sure is one mighty bad ass tattoo you got there! How long did you have to sit for this one and are you going to have it colored in? Not that it doesn’t look fabulous this way. Just wondering.

There’s worse things in the world than 3 threads on a forum with a similar topic:


@gatsie love ya dear… :joy: …same topic [insert totally nifty topic here] huahaha, be a lil less tidy will sometimes help to come in connection and contact some people you wouldn´t ever got the chance to meet, @EvoOba, but for real and the argument, you´re absolutely right, Eva, but to get it cleaner needs kind of regularity on which it could base, I´m a fan of selforganisation caus of everybodys own responsibility, if that not work, you have to find a modus, mb the ides from another Topic in here, we need more members that take or get more responsibility in the forum. So now I go ahead, see the other topics of today (or is it called "from today?? engl. less. XXIV!) :yum:


@the_termin8r1 @lp13413 @EvoOba hippity hoopaty bla bla. I didn’t just want to add it to a previous post, I wanted to tell a story with it. Makes me wonder sometimes if people have nothing better to do. I rarely post in the forum because of this sort of malarky and now I remember why…

@The_early_walker @Gatsie Thanks for you kind words and defense of my choice to write a new post, at least some people understand. And Gatsie I was going to post a “Grinds my Gears” meme before I saw you had lol


@KristinaUK Hey, thanks. I certainly can. I would link to my initial blog post that is a couple of years old but I can’t be bothered


Then said toilet paper must have a greater amount of surface friction, combine that with a higher tensile strength and it should do it’s job well enough. Or you could decrease the diameter of the roll so that it takes less power and time for one revolution OR make the toilet paper lighter, but not weaker.


No problem man :slight_smile: It’s a really cool tattoo !

And uh… There’s always room for more Meme’s :stuck_out_tongue:


No one was trying to cause any harm, trying to keep the forums clean is nothing someone should have a problem with, but at the same time I understand that your post wasn’t exactly the same thing as the other topics posted, and while it probably could have fit there, it can stand on it’s own, too, because it wasn’t just a “I have a tattoo” (which I’m not trying to make sound unimportant, just wasn’t the average post) since you had some backstory and such to it. It’s certainly not a reason to avoid the forums though.

Paging @intheend


@bigbadboz1984 Exactly, it should be a blurb not a forum post. It doesn’t make sense to me.
Don’t get me wrong, the tat is freaking awesome and I understand you wanted to tell the story behind it, but we should try and keep the forums as clean and neat as possible since the mods or whatever don’t seem to do any of their jobs at all.


The story of most forums I’ve been to.


totally right @evooba, let´s post it on the @LPUHQ too, to get them involved and known of these probs, cause if I hate one thing most in live, is written on @Mike Shinodas brothers book, its not like real waar, like in his song if the rich men wars it´s the poor who dies or sth in that way.
So literally turn these on our discourse here now, we are all comming on the point, that it has to give rules and regulations here in our forum and we wanna be a part by making them. First issue, that should be new in the next version kind of admins under the normal lpu fans, who are responsible, without any titel, btw, andd they may chance so that EVERYONE here may be in charge etc etc etc,

@evooba :kissing_closed_eyes: and a hug, what about coffee one of the next aftrnoons with a direkt chat on twitter?


@EvoOba the forum is a place people can talk about what they want to and @bigbadboz1984 I love all your tattoos there amazing :wink:


Definitely. Just do it in the already existing thread. It gets chaotic otherwise.


@EvoOba its his own forum post he dose not have to add it to the thread about other tattoos this is his froum post and are you in charge of the forum ? or is it for people to post what they want from there own accounts on LPU