My message to all of the family


It was to be a poem, but it ended up becoming a message of support, both for the band and for the people :slight_smile: <3


You should sing through it :sweat_smile:


I meant sing :joy:


I wanted to have done a song, even the instrumental base I had found, but I was ashamed of myself :smile: did you like it? :relaxed:


Can you sing??don’t be ashamed! :smile: your poem is beautifully written… :smiley: keep it up! :smile:


Oh shame on you for being ashamed lol jk
I did like it! Anything from the heart is much more meaningful :slightly_smiling_face:
If you ever do feel like recording it id love to hear it :grin:


Wow, thank you so much, I think I need to adjust some little things and maybe I’ll sing


Ah, that makes me want to do it


I have just seen it . It was so amazing


Haha we’ll all enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much, I’m glad to hear that


Oi aqui também Bell :joy::joy::joy:
Já te disse o quanto amei o poema ne :slight_smile:


TACIIIII , voce sumiu, agora tenho uma brasileira aqui cmg :heart_eyes:


:slight_smile::heart_eyes: siiiiiiiim Braziiiil. Eu estou muito na correria mas tive que me tornar underground :joy: espero que esteja tudo bem :pray:


Isso aiii
Aqui ta td bem, e ai?


Tudo seguindo da maneira como dá mas bem kkkkkk


kkkkkkkkk :slight_smile: