My mom lost my lpu laminate


Hey guys I need help I’m flying from Texas to California to go to this event I’m a huge linkin park fan I even have the hybrid theory album cover tattooed I want to be in da lpu section but I can’t cause I don’t have my laminate is their anyway I can buy one out their in California???


last year, Adam sold LPU laminates before the show I went to. i am not sure if this will be the case this time around, especially since Adam doesn’t work for LPU anymore. i would say to order the 25 dollar membership and get the laminate but the show is very close, I’m not sure if you would get in time. you are in a bad situation here. my best bet would be try to find your laminate, or find someone willing to sell you one at the show or try and find someone from LPU selling them. good luck man…


Print out your LPU membership confirmation mail and you should be good. Contact Lorenzo as well just to make sure. He will know what you can do.