My mom wrote a letter for chester and asked me to share it with you


Dear Chester

No one knew you
Unless they walked in your shoes
Living life in darkness
Broken and abused
Days pas by
I can’t explain
The pain and misery
The hole that’s left behind
I am dying inside
Rescue me
Form the demons destroying me
Your ghost inspires me
While left here bleeding
Despising humanity
And all they have. Done to me
A bullet in my brain
Sleeping with a 45
No one cares
I’m even alive.
Help me
I’m dying inside
The world is so cold
Persecuting me
A dead body rising
Only you know
The torture and pain
Consuming me
The Sun still stings
Waking up helpless
And days go by
I am left here
Will you ever know
Or. I am staraned
Lost inside
Hollow and empty
Come with me now
Take my hand
We Will spend eternity
In the promised land

Fwi this my mom’s not mine


Beautiful! So your mom is a writer too! :smile: thanks for sharing! :sun_with_face:


Yeah my mom is writer and since she doesn’t have an account she asked me to post it for her @lpfan61


I love it so much thanks so much for sharing. :heart:


Now that is heavy (no pun intended). Please thank your mom for me, for making this. This is what its all about. :blue_heart: :grinning:


Well do. @chigokurosaki


Wow @turners34 give her a deep hug, from myside, from mom to mom :hugs:


I will @theearlywalker and thanks for all of the positive comments you guys just made. My moms day so thank you very much


Great sis! :sunny::muscle:t2:


Oh my mom wanted me to tell everyone here she thanks you and loves you :sparkling_heart::heart::heartpulse:


Awwww! She’s so nice! :smile: :sun_with_face: :hugs:


Thank you and i told her she has many friends for her here @lpfan61 and @theearlywalker. And @chigokurosaki @RoryBourdon and @hilaryfol she sends you all love :purple_heart::blue_heart::heart:️:purple_heart::blue_heart::heart:


Wow! your mom is quite a writer! I like it! Keep on sharing hers and your stuff on here!


I will and i told her she has a family here for her when she needs it


Always :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow… I’m speechless right now!