My name is Stephanie and I want to tell you what happened last night


At one in the morning my mom gets a text form her boyfriend saying that this is his last goodbye. Now earlier that day he stole Christmas well I was out and about. Then my mom told him this was the last time that you will take Christmas from my Daughter. Then My said that you lost your family. Then at one that message come. My told me just to let go and normally I would but something inside of me told me a had to do something. So I told my I know that he stole my Christmas but god forgives and then I told her even though he did some bad things I Can’t let one more light go out. So we went to his house. We get there just in time to talk him out of killing himself. Then at 5 am he called my mom to say that your daughter saved my life. Then I told him I don’t save your life Chester did because he was the reason why I did what I did. Sorry that this is long but I just need some one to talk to.

Last Letter game vol II

Wow this is amazing and truly beautiful and so touching. . It touch my heart knowing that chester was with you and help u save his life.


Thank you so much yeah if it was for him His light would have went out but Chester just took over my mind last night and then at 7 my lights just turned on by thier self but still don’t know why trough


This is “wow” (I don’t have the right word), you can be so proud of you.


Thank you so much It means a lot to me. And I hope Chester knows that He helped Me save His life


Thank you all that read it and to that gave me such wonderful feedback


That’s a difficult read…really heavy
I think you should give more credit to yourself though for having a good heart, Chester is an inspiration but your actions were the kind ones
I really hope your family finds peace after that storm


Thank you yeah I just couldn’t let him kill himself


Yeah that would be nice but my family is a mess


We all have dirty laundry :slight_smile: don’t let it get to you, happiness and peace is relative to ourselves and it’s always best to wish for the good than the bad :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s right it’s just around the holidays this always happens. But do have a good point I do spend a lot of my time on the bad and never think about the good


That was touching thanks for sharing


@turners34 - you are amazing, brave and strong. You should be so proud of yourself for picking up on the signs, and coming through for someone in need. :hugs: to you, we need more like you in the world!


Your welcome


Thank you so much for your kind words


You are a amazing brave and strong person, you just did a good thing and saved someone who needed it even if he is not a nice person. Chester is proud of you where ever he is


I am lost for words and you really think so


that means a lot to me and you really think that Chester is pround of me. because i always looked up to him and linkin park


I sure do cause he was also about trying to help other, and you did just that so I am sure he is really proud of you


Wow I’m just lost for words :blush: @dutchmama