My New Shoes :D


eyy Hello LPU well this time I want show my new shoes of Mike :D, really look perfect so want share it with us, ok have fun.


:Q_________________ omg, are preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty cool dude :smiley:
Enjoy it :smiley:


What!? Where did you get those?
That’s awesome!


Wow, those shoes are awesome! :smiley:




Been looking for them pretty long, but where did you get em ?


I think the merch store of still have them on stock.

I love those shoes! - I want them since they were out!


well thanks all for comments, and I get from official store of Mike, anyway a lot other designs want but I think sold out :frowning:


X.X so amazing


Awesome !


This Shoes are very, beautiful.
I wait for the time who he make a Designer Job ;D


so epic
i bet they were really expensive


coming to ur house, just wanted to let you know that.


[surprised] …I want those… Gimme!! [biggrin]


It’s amazing, I wanted.


Mike`s hard work…or thousands of chinese=))


Perfeeeeeect , I want itt!!!
Where do I get these perfect pairs of shoes here in Brazil???


I’ve always wanted a pair, I hope I can get a hold of them sometime


They are perfect!


look so amazing… i won’t use the shoes if i own it hahaha