My new tattoo


Well, a few years back I made some scars on my wrist, so now I’m trying to cover them, this is the start of my Linkin Park sleeve :slight_smile:


Nice, keep it classic. I actually got my tattoo recently too. It wasn’t a coverup but, I’d love to expand it. What all are you thinking of adding?


It’s going to be a lot of the Reanimation album art, with some Meteora and Hybrid Theory as well, finishing it off with the Living things album cover and some of my favorite lyrics and such, I really like your tattoo!


Really nice!


Wow, nice, it’ll be even better once it gets all finished:)


Looks good! I am still figuring out what my first LP tattoo is gonna be. Am saving up for it :). Though I am gonna start basic as well :).


Just about to start a new Blog now i have my LP Tattoos finished. I have my favourite LP Guitar (The original LP Burst) surrounded by a depiction of all 5 albums covers