My Noblesville Concert and M&G experience (with pics link)


Well it’s taken me a day and a half to figure out exactly how to write what went on, how I felt and everything else.

First off the concert was EPIC! The entire day was EPIC.

We live in Fort Wayne, so it was about a 2 hour drive from our place to the concert venue. We planned ahead to stay at a hotel for the night. My parents came out for the weekend, to watch our 3 kids so we could go enjoy ourselves without a babysitter and stuff. We left super early, like 10am! Got to the hotel after stopping for some lunch and then had to kill time until we could leave to get to the venue and find parking. It wasn’t too bad, we got to go find the gate that had the handicapped parking as I had my boot on for my broken foot. Then went and found a few other LPU Members and waited at the early entry meet up. It was great meeting people, I forget everyones names though! To meet the girl who had been to at least 40 of their concerts, I bow to you! Lol.

Once we got in, we got the LE Poster, which happens to be my fave out of all i’ve seen so far, got me a t-shirt and wandered around. I felt like time was standing still as I couldn’t wait for the Meet and Greet and it was taking forever.

Watched MuteMath’s set, which wasn’t bad, the drummer was totally kick ass. Best part of their set. Then while disappointed we’d be missing most of Incubus playing, the meet and greet more than made up for it.

Got to say hi to Derek as we were walking, he remembered me from a reply here, and talked with a few others.

Once we got to the area we were to meet the guys, we all geared up to take the pictures FIRST which was awesome. Made sure we got that group photo without any issues! Then the time to get the stuff we brought signed, and my husband was able to give the guys the Navy T-Shirts he brought for them. To say it was unreal and amazing is a complete understatement. First person to sign my Meteora Photo book was Mr Hahn, then Rob came from the opposite direction. Joe signed near Phoenix’s quote on the page that has each of their pictures on it, and everyone else signed under their picture. Chester came next and I am so proud to say I didn’t cry at all! I thanked Chester for their music and told him how important it was to me, and how it helped me get through the times that Matt deployed or was out to sea. I feel like everyone was getting angry because he actually stopped and talked with us for a minute or two. Well while talking with him, here came Mike, catching up due to that. So Mike signed my book and I asked him if he could draw a doodle of some sort and thanked him also for their music. I wish I had also thanked them for their love of their fans. After Mike, came Phoenix and then Brad brought up the rear. He was so soft spoken but had this smile on his face that to me said he was so happy to see us too.

While it was amazing, I am totally jealous of my husband who got a hand shake from both Chester AND Mike. If my night hadn’t already been made, that meet and greet was the icing on the cake.

From there we had to leave and rushed to get back to our seats and I got to catch maybe the last 3 songs of Incubus. Then the wait started for LP to get on. It felt like it took forever! The concert was amazing and better than I could have asked for.

Here is a link to the pictures I took, will post the videos later!


Well, i’m not in THE pic but… The one with the guy in the striped beanie hat where Chester is talking… He was talking to me. :slight_smile: We were talking about them Possibly playing in a Aircraft Hangar at my base. :stuck_out_tongue: