My order isn't comming


I’ve had ordered a LPU package last year at Nov but it’s still not here (I live in germany). I’ve got a message before 2 months that my package is on the way but it’s still not here. And my order number isn’t working too. So can somebody please help me and say my how I can know where my package is and why it’s still not here yet?


There’re a few tracking numbers that DHL provides. Try checking your number and look in the info block


Thanks, but it says me that there aren’t any informationen about my order😅


I would connect FD support


Thank you but what is that?


FD? Fullscreen Direct. The site runs on their platform and all the merchandise are sold by them. they’re working with LP since summer of 2016 and they’re really awesome


I had the same thing happen to me. Mine was shipped Dec. 21 and it never arrived. I contacted Fullscreen Direct and after about two or three weeks of communication with them, they said they had to ship another replacement package. :’( I feel like I’ve been waiting for years!!


Ok thank you so much i’ll try it


I’m feeling the same i’m waiting so long and it isn’t comming😣. Do you have your package now?


My local postal service lost some merch a few month ago, so this waiting is familiar to me


Hallo Du! Schreib am Besten eine email and das lpu-headquater, hier der link: !

oder @Lorenzoerr on twitter! Viel Glück!

… just explained how it may work!

they can track it from theirsite!


No…I’m still waiting. :’( The ones they reshipped were shipped on Feb 3 and Feb 17, so I probably won’t get them for at least another week… :frowning: I’m just bummed because I’m assuming I won’t be receiving the LPU scarf now since it was a limited edition… :confused:


Vielen dank ich werde es versuchen.


Ohh… I hope you will get your package soon😊 and I hope they will say me where my package is or when it finally will come😢


Same…I’m still waiting on my packages. :’(


Hey guys! Did you get more information? If not did you try to contact LPUHQ?


They’re still looking into it for me. They’re trying to figure out why there wasn’t a CD in my bundle. :confused:


I do and they send me a new package I hope I will get it soon!:blush:


i have the same problem, can someone help me?


Try to connect Maybe it will take a while till they answer. But they sended me a new one and it finally arrived.