My Own Fault (1st Verse) - Ace Masters (help needed)


I need help to shape a chorus for this first verse

I’m the product of self blame
My own saboteur
Beaten by my own game
I’ve never found the cure
These mistakes are mine alone
Though I never believed
And then everything I ever did found it’s way back to me
I’ve got the feeling I’m exposed
The weakness is on show
This is my fault I suppose
I couldn’t let it go
It’s easier said than done
When I really think about it
I could of really done so much better without it
Enough is enough
Time to erase
Yeah life is tough
But it’s something I must face
It’s no-ones fault but my own
I have to go at it alone
I need to remind myself that there is always a way to go


So I run as far as I can
Away from myself, away from it all
But I realize I can no longer pretend
’Cause no matter what, it’s all my own fault


Not bad :slight_smile:

Open to other ideas but that is good

Will start working on 2nd verse


so catch deep breath and let it flow,
feel how the emotions go,
maybe with tears - with screams
at least I get my force back AGAIN

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihahahahise, you gonna
Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihahahahise, you gonna
and learn to
flyhahahai…(fly high)


hey @acemasters how did the writing works on ??? Hoped you´ll finde the right turn, cya hopefully tom ev?


I just wrote the first thing that came to mind. Not sure if you can use it, but maybe it’ll help inspire to write a more suitable chorus yourself, or whatever. Good luck and curious to see what the rest of the song will turn out to be :slight_smile: