My package just got here!


I ordered my LPU membership and my stuff just got here like an hour ago…I got a letter from Chester Bennington! And a guitar pick! Now I’m going to buy a guitar! And guitar lessons!

I’m wearing the T-shirt and wrist band right now!


Awesome! LPUXIV does look great, amazing art. Really glad they brought back the handwritten band letters too :slight_smile: Can’t wait to get mine!


Nice to see, that you get happy with your LPU package :guitar: :smile:

I also love the idea with the welcome letters. Unfortunately I just bought the digital membership this year. Can you post it here?


I have my letter kept somewhere safe.

So I took a picture of it!


Awesome! Thanks for sharing :smiley:


" I can’t wait to see you soon" omgg i can’t wait for mine to arrive!!!


Super cool. Mine got shipped today. =) should be here in about 3-4 days. Cannot wait. Thanks for sharing. Happy for ya! =)


Awesome! :smile:
Does anyone have ordered a package from Europe?? Because I ordered it 2 weeks ago and I’m wondering how long I’ll wait to get it! I’m so impatient! :v:


Depends on where you live in Europe. I’m from Greece and my orders usually take 13-17 days to arrive. But my previous order (a point item, before I renewed) took exactly one month to get here. So, just give it some time and keep in mind that weekends don’t count (business days only), plus it’s the holiday season so there might be some delay.


Yeah that’s right, during Holiday time it will take longer I guess… Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: i’m from Switzerland, I think it’s the same as Greece !


I know that it can take up to 2 months until it is in Germany. it will be similar in Switzerland. I’m already impatient. I ordered 3 weeks ago


I’ve got mine!!! It’s really awesome!!! I’m so glad, I can’t even say!!! And it tooks only 2 weeks, super fast! (I’m in Russia)


Im in California and I just got mine (3 weeks). SO international peeps, hold onto your butts.


is it a preprinted letter?




probably would chester rejoice if he had time to write several hundreds of letters :wink:


thats just amazing!! My package is coming soon, i hope at least…


Thanks :slight_smile: yep I have to be patient (its haaaaard) and its Christmas time so… let’s take it easy !