My renewed Faith In Linkin Park


Battle Symphony has given me hope one more light will be amazing I absolutely love song !!! Let me truly say that battle symphony will #makelinkinparkgreatagain #mlpga “Make LINKIN PARK great again!”


Agreed. Although Heavy is a beautiful song, it just felt way too modern and not really LP’s type of “trying something new” kinda experimental. Battle Symphony feels so much like the band, it’s definitely their “new” feel. I love it all tho man!


Battle symphony will make Lincoln Park great again! Heavy was ok just not there style.


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I know that everyone is talking about battle symphony and heavy. Tell you I love heavy it’s a very soft music and Chester voice sounds amazing and Kiiara’s voice is also amazing but like I still feel that battle symphony might sound better than heavy and that’s my opinion and i’m sticking with it.


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Sorry did not see that topic when I post this and quite frankly I don’t see why it matters?


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I didn’t like so much Heavy, but Battle Symphony is awesome! :smiley:


@m_dallagata Heavy is a good song an all, but I think I like Battle symphony more better than heavy wow I ever knew that I would change. Because when I heard battle symphony I started to love it even more when I first heard it so yeah. I find that to be weird I don’t know why.