My story and thanks


I have been in fostercare since i was 3 i bounced through 20 different homes most either abusive or neglectful and others decided they didnt want me until at 4 years old i came to live with my aunt and uncle at 5 i heard my first Linkin Park song on the radio it was in the end i loved it then and there i heard many other songs before i hit 12 and realized all these songs i liked where from the same band linkin park on 13th birthday i was given an mp3 player and i immediately downloaded some Linkin Park albums at 14 my aunt developed breast cancer and my uncle was dealing with arthritis in his back when cps falsley accused them of neglect and removed me from their care which was so depressing for me i was in 2 foster homes and ended up landing in a group home due to me running away and attacking people in my foster homes within a year in that group home i ended up getting an ipod touch i downloaded a few albums from linkin park and steadily i started to heal listening to your music I eventually pinpointed where alot of my anger stemed from which was my depression that i didnt know my aunts condition so my group home set up a visit with her at 16 years old and i found she had successfully beat stage 3 breat cancer i was so much better and was so thankful to your music for keeping me strong a year later i was doing s well in my group home i became the role model often times if other staff where busy i would be the one new staff went to when unsure about things at 18 i was allowed out on my own then finally i ended up not needing to be in the group home i moved with my mom in Moscow Idaho and stayed with her until last march and as i left i listened to linkin park to calm my nerves as i moved back to spokane with my now fiancee and then life decided my good break was over i ended up homeless and i nearly ended up just giving up your music kept me strong now i have a housing voucher and am so close to getting a job all thsnks to your music keeping me strong your music has played a major role in my life when i heard the news about Chester i didnt beleive it as i saw it on Facebook i had to go on the internet it took 10 news sites before i t finally settled in then my heart skipped a beat or 2 i had to stop and sit and let my mind register it and get through the shock 5 minutes later the tears started to fall i made a playlist of only linkin park songs and thats all i listened to for the next month your music still continues to keep me strong and keep me moving forward in my search for housing not just for me but also my pregnant fiancee thank you to the whole band