My Story Challenge


First, read this
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It’s a tumblr link to a post I wrote a few minutes ago. This is my idea to bring people all over the world together. To help people relate to eachother, and lend a listening ear. The entire point is to make it known that you are NOT alone. In any situation, there are many others in the same. If you are going through some problems, there are people who have gone through, or are going through, the same sort of problems that can reach out to you.

If you want, participate, I’ll be uploading an introductory video/my own story in a few days time. Share the link, share the challenge, if you please.

In the middle of Suicide Prevention Week, I feel this is a good start to making it known that people are not alone.

Hope you guys like this idea and participate. If you have a story or link you want to post, just comment on this thread!

Thank you guys so much!

Smile! :slight_smile:



I will participate. A couple of kids from my school over the years have committed suicide.


This is an AWESOME ideia!


This is a powerful tool … awesome idea !!!


Wow. Its great that you’re doing this. I hope evrything goes well.


It’s an interesting project, I support you.