My Tattoo Design


[/img]So I put some ideas together and my Friend drew this design for me, this will be my first tattoo and i am getting it next week… I’m actually really nervous :L



Why cant i get the pictures to work :frowning: haha


very pretty!


That’s awesome! I bet it looks good, be sure to post a picture street you get it done


Thanks :smiley:

Yeh I will :smiley: getting done on Wednesday , I’m so nervous :L


Have you had it done yet? where on your body you getting it done?
Dont be nervous you’ll be fine and no doubt will want another after lol


That’s awesome!


That’s awesome!


Thanks :smiley:


Yeh I got it done here’s a link to the picture :slight_smile:


Already said it but I’ll say it again, I love this!!


Thats awesome


Nice. Very articulate!


Looks very pretty! I’d love to see it once you got it done!


That looks awesome! Love it <3


Thank you guyssss :smiley:


Ah thats so cool :slight_smile: I like your clothes btw!