My tattoo of Linkin park



We already have a thread about it, please search before create a post.


I love how u put wing’s on the lp logo it show how much u care.


Possibly Google has some images of the image you are after as it’s very popular :slight_smile:


Thank you :grin: linkin park has been a massive part of my life and has helped me out with depression and anxiety since they came out the lyrics in the songs relate to it and knowing I’m not alone makes alot of difference , linkin park are a part of me no matter what :grin:


Your welcome . Linkin park is and always be my favorite band. And they helped me though depression even now I’m still going through it. But with linkin park and chester voice i get my day going


He meant that there is another thread in the forum that relates to tattoos in general
If you click on his message where it mentions that tattoo it’ll send you to the other thread
He was just asking you to not create a whole other thread if there is an existing one you can contribute to as many people follow that thread and would probably have a bigger input on the awesome tattoo as opposed to having this post on its own