My thoughts on the new Single


So the new single, “Guilty All The Same” fear. Rakim. In my opinion, this is my favorite song by them. The intro is so hard, it makes me want to head Bang every time, and then the rhythm guitar comes in, it sends chills up my arms. Chester’s vocals are some of his best, yelling hard and it has an amazing and angry tone to it. Rakim’s verse isn’t bad, but it isn’t Mike Shinoda either. I’m not a much of rap fan, so I wasn’t very fond with their Jay-Z collaboration, but for some reason Rakim doesn’t annoy me. And the way he raps it fits amazing with the feel of the song. Seriously though, those drums were downright incredible, so hard and made the beat so much faster. Now the ending of this song, greatest thing I’ve ever heard. We’ve finally got a long guitar solo from Brad Delson backed up with Pheniox’s base and Robs hard drums. I’m not even kidding, head bang so hard at that part it’s rediculous. That’s just my opinion on the song. Thank you Linkin Park and Rakim for delivering my new favorite song. Care to share your thoughts?


I love the song too, but I dislike Rakim being there.
I didn’t mind the Jay-Z collab, because Numb is my favorite song and I think the Encore bit blended in alright with the rest of it.

The intro was absolutely awesome, but I wish it weren’t so long. The vocals are amazing though.


I kind of agree although I love the new single I really missed Mike in it. He could have made the same impact lyrically and the song would have connected more to the LP fans. Still love it but I just missed Mike :([smile][confused]


I listened to it a few times already & still can’t tell if I like it. But surely not coming back to it, like I would if it was an amazing song. I really do like how its a little different that previous records but hoping for the rest of the album to have a variety of things. Full of surprises.


I agree with just about everything you said about all the sections to the song. But what really got me was when I was able to look at the lyrics, they really pulled me very deeply with what I was going through and these were about the right words I would tell that person. Just like many songs that Linkin Park has made but this one (in my opinion) should be called one of their greatest hits even though it’s so new. Other than that I’ve also been craving a heavier type music right about the time that it was released and to hear Mike announce that this is sort of the “DNA” of the album I definitely can’t wait and it’s the first album I’m really anticipating for (: I love them! They always hit us with surprises like when they announced carnivores tour ^~^