My tour got cancelled


So, I have been planning since March that after graduating I will see Linkin Park in Europe so I also get to see and explore the places where they play at because I have never been to Europe always having exams every single tour they had.
It is sad after getting my passport done “and it was late and so unlucky” and got all the requirments found out all the embassies are not taking any visas and I am sad not Austria and not even Italy, the last one. Belarus and Russia still thinking about them, maybe those only two but having troubles.
If anyone knows a way to help me please do, I will in debt forever if I really get to see them even for once after planning 7 shows for 7 years being a fan. Share your opinions. :smile:


Think its a political thing these days here in Europe, there are many helpsearching refugees, that I think, that could be the reason, check it, what the reason is go the consulate on their nrvs, maybe there is a lil chance for you, wish you all the best :+1:


I called all the embassies and told yhem but there were no way to book an appointment frr a visa and Germany just nothing! I was depressed and felt terrible about it and depressed… It makes me wish I had someone there send me an invitation… I regret this every single year and UUUUH I wish it gets solved. :confused:


Sth new about your visa?


No, it is like “I’ve given up” because here I have to get an appointment or else no but still requires 15 days the fifth tour I plan for and still something won’t make it happen::confused:


i´m really sorry for you get a big


Awww thanks alot! Hugs always help. Also, always there will be “maybe next tour I will do it” just wishing so.