My visit to Staramba - 04/09/15


Ever since the LP Staramba figures were announced around a year ago I have always wanted them and despite numerous attempts to visit their booth at the 3 european shows I attended last November I could never get to them due to M&G/Early Entry. So come this summers THP tour european date announcement and as gutted as I was of no UK show I was delighted to see a show in Berlin that I could go to and incorporate a visit to Staramba also. So I contacted them initially via twitter then exchange a few emails and arranged to visit them the day after the Berlin show (which was epic).
When I finally found their Dahlem office I felt very welcome and after a short chat with the staff I explained what I wanted and into the scanning booth I went, firstly fo the initial pose I wanted my figure to be in then a 2nd time after being covered in tape for scaling purposes. The whole experience itself was fantastic and so much fun and now I have to wait around 3 weeks for my figure to be delivered. I opted for the 1:10 scale of me plus Mike (to recreate the Download 2014 wig m&g picture) and I will be purchasing the rest of the band in that scale too at a later date.
Pictures to follow…


I can’t wait to see the final result :grinning:


what a funny idea, but aren´t these figures not still very expensive? :smirk:


@bigbadboz1984 I have seen them and your photo I will be coming for them very soon :smiley: and cant wait to see your own personal figure


@The_early_walker think they where $450 dollars for the set


@bigbadboz1984 you where the man at download 2014 got us all to sign your flag and gave us a lot of info thanks to you I had two toatally amazing concerts in 2014 download & Manchester you truly the man in the know for all things LP ! :slight_smile:


Share the result with us & show a pic if it´s ready by your side!! Look forward… :sunglasses:


@The_early_walker @Chris_Styles the bandset is now around $215 but that is only in 1:20 scale so each figure is about 3-1/2 inches. The scale I have opted for is 1:10 so around 7 inches tall


@The_early_walker this is the photo they sent me of the initial scan. Will post more photos when I get the figures - and they will be including all my tattoos on the figure, especially my the LP ones on my legs


@bigbadboz1984 great stuff buddie, but wasn´t it hard to keep standing in this pos. the whole time? And they did even your tatoos? What a crazy unimaginable thing for me, how long does it take till you get your puppet??? :+1:


@The_early_walker Not really no - All the cameras take a picture within 1/60th of a second so he just said 3, 2 , 1 GO and it was done. They said around 2-3 weeks to despatch


god bless :smirk:


@bigbadboz1984 you see what ticks me off is the way people get so jealous I think people can talk about or post what they want in the forum as this is what it is about to get people talking so keep doing your forum posts @bigbadboz1984 love seeing what your getting and adding to your amazing LP collection :wink:


I always thought it be cool to get one of these, but at the same time kinda creepy to have a tiny replica of myself staring at me in my room or something. Myself, I’d probably go for the Linkin Park ones for that reason, but I didn’t have to opportunity at either


@TripleXero Yeah, get exactly what you’re saying but I thing the coolness outweighs the creepyness just enough to make it acceptable. Plus I wanted to recreate the Red wig handover to Mike from Download last year


Safe to say Staramba nailed it. So happy and can’t wait to recieve it along with Mini-Mike


wow so you´re got it and it looks good! Where´s it place now in your home @bigbadboz1984?




@bigbadboz1984 yeah, great in the first photo you showed a real presenting talent, both big in the back, looks like real live, you and mike infront of a cinema screen. It looks a bit of a shrine for you collecting stuff, whats on the top of he shelf kinda puppets?


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