Mystery Box


Hi All,

I’m from Australia, so sorry for being a little confused with timezones.

The release about the LPU Mystery Boxes says they will be released at 11am PST. Looking up online to get the time difference, it looks likes PST is now PDT for daylight savings in a lot of places. Just wanted to check if it’s 11am PST or 11am PDT? Makes a big difference of having to get up at 4am or 5am :wink:

Thanks all!



Hey Verid,
I was just doing same thing,I’m on west coast so it an early morning. Figure I will wait n see what’s left. Good luck.


Shipping seemed bit expensive ! [smile]


does everybody that bought the same box get the same things? and the things that you can get in the small and medium boxes, does those things come in the large box too?- if somebody knows?


does any one know if LPU clothing is true to size??


From what I’ve gathered, the items in each box are completely randomized and have a range up to the earliest LPU days, so there’s a wide variety of merch that could possible end up in the box. However, as I stated, it’s completely randomized. Good luck!


Hi Janet

My timezone is just same as you. It can’t be helped for worlwide fans.
I wanted "L"size,but i get “xl” , cause of sold out of all boxes "L"size.
Did you get it?



Someone post what goodies they received when their box arrives!


I did get it, yeah :-). Up at 4am, so got to go back to sleep for long enough before getting up for work, haha. A bit annoyed on postage though, but it’s always the same from this website unfortunately. Cost me more than double the item, but that’s just how it is I guess. I bought something from HRC online two days later and shipping was only $6, so maybe they should review their carries?

Have to wait a month or two to see what we get now :wink: