Mystery Boxes- Unboxing Whats in yours


Hey, what is or was in your LPU Mystery Box ? Does anybody have alredy one of thre new Boxes? :slight_smile:
Show the world whats in there :slight_smile:


Nobody wants to share ?:open_mouth:


I don’t think most got theirs! I’m still waiting for mine :slight_smile:


I´m waiting too for mine :slight_smile:


Exciting isn’t it! :smiley:


@EvaB91 what weight does your package have?
With the LPU Bundle my package have a weight of 3,6 LBS.
The package from a friend of mine have already 3,5 LBS.


@Taito my package have a weight of 1,6 LBS. I just ordert a small box…


@EvaB91 ah :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see what is in my big box ^^ I hope that UPS delivers fast xD


Should have posted this earlier:


I saw That already


Not to be renewing for that reason is kinda extreme, but it does suck. At the same time though, if they’ve been a member for 10 years, weren’t they bound to get a duplicate either way?

The page also says “Items in each mystery box are chosen based on size and availability. Items are chosen at random and may not be returned or exchanged.”, but it really should specifically state that there might be duplicates

  1. A member for 10 years but choose to buy a box? What for? You already have pretty much everything.
  2. Duplicates were expected since they state they choose what shirts go in based on the size.
  3. These boxes are to get rid of leftovers they have from previous years so, again, chances are high to get the same stuff.

I honestly don’t see the point of complaining.

Any Aussies out there who can't wait for another LP visit

totally agreement, Eva…where to beginn the changing and where to end? I go with Eva, it´s random stuff and they so “spring-cleaning” and you get the rest of the diff. merchandising of the last years…