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Guys I have a question for you - One of the variants of the name of the old demo - Fire in the city, which in the name of the original track ? Thank you :slight_smile:


Ages ago they indeed had a song called “Fire in the City”. Apparently the song (accordingly to the guys from Linkin Park themselves) was very bad so Brad took the bassline and the drums from that song and built different sounds around it. And eventually it became a song that we now know as “Given up”. Hope it will help.)


Fire In The City? First time ever I’m hearing about this.
Given Up’s working title was 21 Stitches, didn’t know it was Fire In The City before that.


“Fire in the city” wasn’t a working name. It was a separate song from one of the demos. I haven’t heard it myself, but apparently it was bad, so later just parts of it were taken and eventually transformed into “Given up”.)


Interesting. Thank you!


Guitarist Brad Delson in Kerrang! magazine: "We had a really bad song called ‘Fire in the City’ - the chorus actually had the words ‘fire in the city’ on it! I took the bassline and the drums and built weird sounds around it, which eventually became this song."
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