Could ‘Forum’ be added to the drop-down nav menu at the top?


just realized the button at the top was a navigation menu

Please add this!


I agree, it is annoying having to go into Community and then go into the forum, or type it in the URL bar. I can do both, but it would be a lot easier to have it added.


Yeah it took me a while to work out how to get to the forum.


Oh, there is a drop-down menu :smiley: Nice! But you could give a hint, like “Menu” :wink:


Yeah, currently the menu looks like a search box given the location and design, but it’s low on my listen of issues.


So can Forum be added to the drop-down menu?


Looks good so far, but could the be a preview function you can use to see how your post looks ?


I’m not sure, as that sounds like an issue to be addressed to Ground(ctrl) as it is their coding we are using. I will see what HQ has to say though.

I’ll see what HQ can do [smile]


Glad it is now :smiley:


I think “chat” should be on the menu as well!


[quote=Erling]I think “chat” should be on the menu as well!


Yes, a link to our profile page would be nice.

You have a button at the bodom of the page for the forum