Near-Death Experiences


God, I miss the Serious Debate forum in the old message boards, but at any rate…With the winter holidays quickly approaching, I thought it’d be a good time for me to share a little story with you guys. Let me take you on a little journey through time…

(Keep in mind that what you’re reading is all that’s been told to me. I’ve yet to actually read any media reports or stories to come from this event)

On December 24, 1989 (Christmas Eve), My parents took both me (14-months at the time) and my sister, age 7, to our grandparents’ house (roughly a half hour drive north of here) to celebrate an early Christmas with them.

After we said our goodbyes and the sun having already set, we were on the road home. With my dad behind the wheel, and I asleep in my car seat, we were well on our way and making good time. What him or the rest of the family couldn’t see in the dark, though, was the dog that had run in front of our car; and as we swerved to avoid it, the oncoming car that would collide with us, killing my sister on impact.

It wasn’t until a couple years ago, at a Christmas eve mass at church, coincidentally, that I met the first responder to that tragic call. It was like a mini-reunion, where him and my parents both shared tears and exchanged stories of what they could recall from the accident, and when I learned that the driver of that oncoming vehicle was under the influence of marijuana, or some other kind of drug.

Going back to the night of the accident, though. My dad somehow managed to escape unharmed, while both my mom (who had suffered some neck and nerve damage) and I (who had suffered a serious head injury and a fractured skull that had completely erased the first 433 days of my life) were both immediately rushed to separate hospitals. The doctors who were in charge of me told my parents that it would be a miracle if I was going to survive, due to my injuries, and needless to say, I did.

As for what my life was like before the crash, I’m unsure, unless I were to go back and look through old video tapes and pictures, but since that night, my life has been a successful battle with some help along the way. Sure, I’ve needed help in school, including a teacher’s aide in every classroom I was in right up until high school, and even special education right through my senior year. I’ve also required special nightly growth hormone injections, from my 8th to my 16th birthday, that my body wasn’t fully producing, and if not for those, I would have ended up roughly three times shorter in height than I am now.

Thus ends my story, and if you’ve come this far, thanks for taking the time to read it. If any of you have ever come close to looking Death in the face, like I have, then as always, feel free to share your story with the rest of us. We can all share in our experiences together, no matter if your story is as serious as mine, or as silly as slipping on an ice cube and crashing to the floor.

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Great topic Andy :3
I remember the first time I heard your story is in the LPU chat room. I’m sorry to hear that. RIP your sister :frowning:

My near-death experiences story: I’ve seriously ill when I was about 5 or 6 years old, I got typhus disease, I was hospitalized almost one month, the disease makes the body skinny and my hair loss. Unlike other children, who enjoy the good times as a kid, I was struggling to recover from the disease. After over one month in the hospital I still have to do the treatment to completely cure this disease. Finally I could actually recover. Thank you God.

The first day of elementary school so is hard for me, because at that time I was still bald and the other kids looked at me weird. I was very shy and hard to get along with other children.
As time passed I began to be able to adapt, and they began to accept me. I enjoyed a happy childhood.

A little info about me. I’m a clumsy person, I’ve been electrocuted and blacked out, and also accidentally injure my finger and blood everywhere. Now I’m learning to be more careful and enjoy every second of my life.


Thanks for sharing your storys. I’am glad that you are ok now :slight_smile:

My story is very short and doesn’t cause such protracted illness. I’ve been almost drowned when I was 8 or 9 years old. I remember very well. I went to the public swimming bath together with a friend in my age and her father as “watchdog”. In contrast to my friend, I couldn’t swim those days. My companions knew about that. The basin have had 3 ladders. One in the non-swimmers area, one in the swimmers area. And the third one was pretty in the middle of the basin, but in the swimmers-area. After playing around in the non-swimmer part, I left the pool for some reason and wanted to get back in. And I used the wrong ladder in the middle. When I got into the water, I immediately lost the ground under my feet and started to sink. I can tell you, that this was a very bad feeling. I frantic started to paddle wild with my arms and from time to to time a made it to the water surface to gasp for air and cry for help. I don’t know how long it took (it seemed like an eternity). But than the bath supervisor jumped into the water and saved me. THANKS to that cautious guy! The situation afterward was very surreal. Nobody asks how that happened. The supervisor left without a word, at least I don’t remember. But the strange thing was, that there was a drowning child and nobody recognized it. I’am very thankful, that at least one person did!


Wow guys! Amazing stories and so glad to hear you are all okay now! I have had 3 that stick out in my mind. When I was 7 my friend and her family took us to a water park [Adventure Island in Tampa, FL] we were all riding tubes around the river and one part you go under a waterfall. These 2 guys were just standing there by it and we didnt know why until I got there. They were holing people under water under the waterfall to steal their tubes. I happen to be an unlucky one. When they grabbed me and held me under I couldnt get out of it. I couldnt breathe. Just panic. If it werent for my friends mom seeing what happened and ran to me and pushed them away I might have died.

At 14 another friend of mine, her sister and I were held at gun point, carjacked and robbed.

And at 24 during a major surgery I woke up in the recovery room to hear the doctor tell a nurse how I almost didnt make it because of a misplaced breathing tube and nearly flatlined on the table.


Woah guys…glad to know you’re still alive and somehow healthy !
Mine experience occurs when I was 12 years old. I was with both my parents and a couple of friends of them, some guys from France. We were in a car, driving back from some little vacations in Boston city. We were heading home, in Canada. My father used to be a long distance bus driver, and he took us on a secondary road, with amazing point of views, instead of taking the traditionnal highway.
Well, still is, the road itself was a little bit scary. Surrounded by woods and forest, the road was constantly going right and left and bumping. The sun had just set, and we we’re about 10 miles from the Canadian Border custom. There was nothing my dad could do, we just hit it, since it came on the road at the very last second : a moose.
For those of you who never saw a moose, just know that it is very HUGE. They’re about 2 meters tall, average weight of 1000 pounds. Nothing like a small deer. The last thing I saw were huge legs…it was so tall that, from the car, we couldn’t see its body.
Miraculously, it hit the windshield without breaking it and flew over the car. The shock over, my dad make sure the engine wasn’t over-heating and he drove to the border custom. Once there, we all get out of the car, shocked. I was crying and unable to control myself. I was having a severe post traumatic shock.
Anyways, the controller couldn’t believe we actually survived. He told us that he witnesses a lot of similar accident with moose and he never met people surviving it. He also told us that usually, the moose get so deeper in the car that it becomes impossible to differentiate human from animal’s flesh :S In other words, it was a miracle that we were all alive.
Even later, my dad told me that, back in time when he was a bus driver, a colleague of him was driving people down in Vermont when they hit a moose. His colleague and 6 passengers dies from that hit. And they were in a bus !!! It makes me realize even more how we have been so lucky that day.
After that accident, it tooks me years before I’ve been able to be in a car driving at night. And even today, I’m still scared a little bit.


After reading this topic and writing my story it made me think…I took it to the next level. I tattooed “Eternal Strength” in kanji on myself with stars for each of my near death experiences and 8 smaller stars 1 for each year I dealt with abuse and everything from my ex. Think about it I have eternal strangth really big and surrounded by the things that should make me stronger!


I got hit by a van once on my bicycle in a cross walk, & broke my wrist.It all happened so fast. Crazy.


When I was 4 years old, I nearly drowned. As I was loosing contiousness, I saw beautifull fish swimming around, all kinds of fish, small and like dolphins, and every fish was white. I don’t know who got me out of the water.


When I read Story like yours I just think “oh gosh”. And it makes me think, that my near dead experiences were totally harmless…

The first one was, when I nearly drowned. No one helped me out of the water. even though they saw, that i was shaking my hands and feet underwater. I really had that last 10 seconds on my life thing, but somehow i managed it, to grab someones arm and got out of the water.

The second one was, when i fell from my bicycle, in the middle of the street. I still don’t know how it happened. Suddenly I just fell down and couldn’t move for a while. I also don’t know how I got up again.

but as I said… these experieces sound totally harmless, now that I read your stories.


i haven’t had an near-death experience but there was this one time that i almost drowned, i was at camp and we went swimming. i was in the deep end of a pool and i was in the water holding onto the ground above the pool. i would hold on and duck back into the water, i couldn’t touch the bottom and i couldn’t swim. my hands let go and i slipped into the water and a guy i knew at the time name Luke grabbed my hands before i went down to the bottom.