Need a little hlp


I need a little help with the site…my nephew bday is coming up this month and he wants linkin park stuff for his bday…I tried to purchase from the lpu store and it says that I need to be a member which of course I am…so I am not sure how to go about it…I tried purchasing from the LP store but things are sold out and It wont let me log in…any advice guys…worse case I can go to hot topic but I rather get it from the site. Thank you kindly.

On another note, my nephew found a mic in his closet and is running around singing “talkin to myself” to his new dog. He knows the whole OML album. I should add he is in his underware when he sings this lol…chester would be proud.


While you are a member of the Linkin Park website, your profile says you are not currently an LPU member and do not have an active membership. LPU memberships are an additional fee, unless you should have one already and the site is glitching out.

Otherwise, I’m guessing you only looked at the LP Underground store, there is also the general Linkin Park store that shouldn’t require any additional memberships to buy from, and has a wider selection of merchandise:

There’s also the music store at


I already paid my membership…have for since 2012…it glitch last time and lorenzo helped me…it said showed i didnt pay when i did…


When did you pay for this year’s?


I believe it was in march/may…i paid and it didnt show and lorenzo fixed it so i could order my tickets for the oct show and get the presale…but now its saying im not a member any longer and it said i had to 2018 of next year before it expires


Sorry for the slow reply. I would attempt to contact LPU support at LPUHQ@LPUNDERGROUND.COM, but given the current circumstances, it may be a bit of a wait. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything else myself to fix the problem