Need a team, any up for it?


**Hey everyone, **

I am trying to raise money to put on a benefit concert (yes, tall order, not a lot of chance… I already know that type of crap)

I need someone over 18 as the fundraising project leader (who takes in all the funds for the project (preferably in the UK) as that’s the only way we can start a fundraiser. I have chosen Kickstarter as the fundraiser platform as it is has made multiple successful projects over the years.

I will take care of contacting the artists and the venue while I need others to spread the word on social media as much as they can.

I also need someone to help the project manager figure out the rewards for the donators

As a trade off, all helpers will be given FREE tickets if the concert is funded!

This is basically my summary of why I want the event done. And some of the rewards as well: (It’s LONG)


Music Unites Us is a hopefully benefit concert to raise money for FOUR charities: Music for Relief, Stonewall, Cancer Research UK and Heart of Kent Hospice.

This concert aims to bring music fans from the genres of rock, pop and dance in order to not only raise awareness of these charities, but also to bring home the fact that you can be into any sort of music, you could be gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual and it doesn’t matter.

I believe, that in music, there are no labels, we’re all humans, we’re not and shouldn’t be marked by our sexuality or religion. At the end of it all, we’re all human, and we DESERVE to be treated EQUALLY, no matter your beliefs or your love choices.

This campaign is raising money for four amazing charities that do incredible work.

I would like to have it on the 7th of May 2018 as that is also my 18th birthday. I’m not doing this concert because I want to boast about it. No. That’s not why I’m here. I’m here asking for support because, instead if complaining about things that I didn’t get I can spend my birthday in comfort knowing that if this event happens, it I’ll be helping me thousands of people all over the world and in the UK.

Your love and support is CRUCIAL in order to bring this show to life! Our £900,000 goal reflects , most likely, most if not all of the funds to bring this concert to life.

Your donations will go directly toward covering the essential needs which include:

• Paying the artists (Linkin Park and Adam Lambert)
• Fulfilling the creative ideas for making the concert a visual masterpiece
• Hiring the O2 Arena

Whether you are able to contribute £1 or more, every £ brings up a step closer to our goal. Your compassion is appreciated more than words can describe.

This is my first-ever fundraising event and I plan to make it a great one. I want to live in a world were people aren’t given labels based on their beliefs, we are all the same.

To have a concert to raise awareness of the charities and raise money for their causes is a tremendous gift and a pleasure to do. It is a true honour to be making this dream a reality, and I cannot do that without your help!

Music Unites Us has been a name juggled around since late 2015 and has since then, more and more reasons to do this benefit concert have cropped up, such as: the devastating shootings at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, Music for Relief and Mangrove Protection and cancer research as my nan died from cancer in 2011 and I want to raise money to find a cure faster so that more lives can be saved.

These events in my life have now become woven into an idea to help thousands of people around the world and in the UK.

Lot of stuff… if you want to privately talk about it, then send me a message here:



hey @Beckster2000 seems like your baby is growing…

.congrats till now…as you know I am a great supporter of great ideas: I think my job in your project is to be one of the social media spread group… with words I guess ( if the language barriers are not to be respected) I handle well

so with this post I will join your team dudette :grin:


So, your school is not taking on the project after all?

Also, how exactly are you going to pay for all that with only 1mil? Or are you going to sell tickets to the potential show? Why Demi Lovado and Lampert?

I assume you have already spoken with each artist’s teams and they have agreed on these terms for the prizes, right?


Thanks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: couldn’t be more grateful!


Well, my school is still going to fundraise however we can… if my head teacher says yes of course.

Well, normally with charity events, artists or venues will decrease their prices.

Not yet, I will do within the next few hours though.

Well, its all abut bringing music fans together, and three different genres of music will bring it together (rock, pop and dance) and well…

Adam is actually gay, and it would be a great way, not only to showcase his amazing talents, but also to show that he’s not afraid of expressing who is, which is what Stonewall tries to do, help those who are from the LGBT community and give them the support and compassion they need.


Sorry for asking, I’m just confused here.

You’re basically saying that the 1mil you’ll raise will not go to the charities but it is to just pay the bills? (1mil is not even enough btw for all that, the O2 charges 750-800.000 usually). Don’t expect a major discount just cause it is a charity event, big names = more money.
If I were you, I wouldn’t announce anything before contacting the artists and having the ok from them first.

Oh, and since your school will be/is involved, they can take over the fundraising page since it has a 18+ age rule.


Yea… I looked online and it said only £70,000 for the O2 Arena… I’ll contact the venue and ask… hell, you could even be in this team, making sure that everyone needs the details and all that kind of stuff… if it happens, you’ll get a free ticket… :yum:


Depends on which part of the O2 you will hire. The 20k capacity venue is 750-800k.
Thanks, but this is a huge responsibility that’s out of my league and knowledge at the moment. I wouldn’t risk it.



Probably a stupid question, but could you possibly PM me your email so we can keep in contact more easily?


sure…check ya mails in ab 5 mins


Thank you :slight_smile:



I’ve emailed you, just telling you in case you didn’t see it yesterday.