Need advise! M&G


So i got the email to go to the event, but im in a bullet train from Beijing to Shenzhen, and it will arrive at 6 pm , way after the meeting event… I dont know what to do?? Advise please !!


change by air


Unless you travel at a different time so you’re able to make the event then Unfortunantely you’ll need to contact LPU to tell them you cannot make the M&G


I tried to reply but the message failed to be delivered, right now im rushing to the venue to see if i can find someone there, tho i think no one will be there


Ah I highly doubt someone will be there, have you tried e-mailing Lorenzo?


Yeah just arrived and no one is here, im relatively new and dont know lorenzo :sob::sob:


Sorry I didn’t see this. Did you sort it out?


Dont know, i sent a message to lpu HQ but no answer yet, and dont know who is lorenzo or how to contact him, if you could help me with is contact info would be great!!