NEED HELP w/ Meet & Greet and Early Entrance


Hey everybody! First of all, sorry if this has already been discussed here, but I just couldn’t find it anywhere.

However, next year LP is coming to my country and Im gonna see them for the first time EVER and I had this questions to be prepared from now on.

  1. When does the M&G start?
    I already know how it all works, but I had this question about the timing… Ive been reading that it begins a few minutes before the show starts, so I just wanted to make sure of it

  2. How early is the early entrance? (hours/minutes)

  3. Does it really worth it to attend the M&G? I mean, vs. the early entrance?

Thank you! ( and excuse my english :grimacing:)


All the info you need will be released when it’s almost time for the show (like 1-2 months prior).

M&gs take place during the performance of the support act, it lasts 20-30 min (including check in and all that).

If you are worried about losing your spot in the front from early early by going to the m&g, don’t. Security lets people back in the front.