Need some help with a present


Okay everyone… I bought my soon to be 12 yr old tickets to see LP in Sept. since he’s as big a fan as I am. I have come up with this great idea to have him complete a scavenger hunt to lead him to get where his present is located. The tickets (i have e-tickets so I’ll just print them on nice paper) will be wrapped in a box which is wrapped inside another box etc. I think I’ll do four boxes that he has to unwrap to get to the tickets. What I need help with his creating the clues that drop little hints as to what the present might be. without totally giving it away. I just want it to be memorable and fun since we’re not doing a party, just a little get together with family, this year. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


You’re the best dad ever! He’s going to have a blast with you! I took my daughter to CT show and my son to the MA show last time around. Make sure you enter for the Meet & Greet! If you get chosen they might let you bring him in with you due to his age! My daughter was 5 at the time and she got to meet the band!

Bringing my son again. This time I got GAPIT tix - now he’s tall enough! He’s 14 now.

Now to the subject at hand! I think you need to incorporate song titles/lyrics in your clues…

ie/ bleed it out/papercut - what do you put on when you’re bleeding or when you have a papercut - and maybe put the next clue in a box of band-aids.

Numb - what will make you numb - hide the clue in your freezer w/ice cubes…?

My December - any question about Dec - hide it in a calendar.

A light that never comes - have him search for a lamp w/a burnt out bulb…

I’m not the most imaginative person… I hope he has fun with it!
You Rock!


Thanks Carol!! I try to be a good mom as best I can. We told him the tickets were too expensive and that we couldn’t go so it will be a huge surprise!! He’s still too short for GA and I will definitely try for the meet and greet. My husband of course grumbled while I was purchasing the tickets but we go to ONE concert a year. Last year I went to Pearl Jam, the year before LP. My son skipped PJ and now he’s kicking himself.

Anyhow - great ideas!! He loves Bleed it Out so I should definitely try to find a way to make that work Oh my gosh, I just reread and saw you mentioned Band aids!d Brilliant!!. He loves Points of Authority too. There’s one off of Reanimation he’s really into right now as well.


I was just cruising through the forums and read this. I am 16, and I would be ecstatic if I got tickets like this! My first concert was supposed to be Linkin park for their Thousand Suns tour (got the tickets as a Christmas present), unfortunately Chester got sick and the concert was cancelled for us. My dad raised me as a Linkin Park FREAK! Linkin Park will be my favorite band no matter what they do with their music. I hope your son grows up the same way as me. Went to last years concert, and this year I am stepping it up with GApit! Something I thought: maybe you could do is relate New Divide/ What Ive Done/ Iridescent to being in the Transformers movies. Maybe It would give him a false impression, or at least set his mind off of what he is really getting. Anyways, I hope your son has an extremely exciting birthday! :slight_smile:


Starting off w/a “sorry” for assuming you were a guy!!

Make sure you update us - let us know what you end(ed) up doing! Your son will be so excited!


Was just reading through the forums & thought I’d take a chance on replying, which in turn only counts if he hasn’t had his birthday yet =). Great ideas…The Treasure hunt will surely be a hit! If you want to make it a little bit more of a challenge since he’s turning 12, you could put two envelopes at each clue site, he has to choose only one. One envelope will offer the real clue and one will lead him on a goose chase that will bring him back to the previous spot where that 2nd envelope will send him back to the clue site he was just at leaving him to open the 2nd envelope and advance on to the next clues, until he reaches the final one with the tickets. It can make it last longer & thus build the anticipation of what lies at the end of the treasure hunt :wink: …I did something similar once with my kids & they had a ball figuring it out. Just a twist on the suggestion