Need to complain


Last night Birmingham show was amazing…Which was great. However my ticket cost 150 pounds the face value was 57.00 I received a pin and a scarf which I could have bought at merchandising for 30 pounds. I assume the remaining 60 pounds was for the seat position which was shocking . Our side view was at the side of the stage. We couldn’t actually see the front stage. The lights from the far side of the stage made it very difficult to see as they were blinding. This is my second time paying for a premium package the last was Manchester in 2014 which was brilliant. Limited print guitar picks lanyard patches and brilliant seats. So as I say guys were great but any idea who I can complain to regarding the seats …really feeling ripped off.


I’m really sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. I don’t think there is much that will happen unfortunately as the packages are done by a third party who have quite bad reviews. But making your opinion heard might stop LP’s management from using that company again.


Andrew do you know who was responsible for the packages. I have also wrote to ticket master where I bought the tickets .Not had a response yet. I know this isn’t the bands fault just £150 is a lot of money for what was delivered.


I believe it was arranged by CID Entertainment. Best of luck getting some money back man, it’s never nice to have this stuff happen.


Not very confident of that either ,however I do think that it need to be feedback. I cant be the only one in block 12 who was disappointed. It was so different to the Manchester experience in 2014. We had early entry …no queues for merchanding seat in first 5 row ( my friend can’t Stan for long periods) the seats we had were shocking … Thanks for your input.


Hi I had the £150 VIP package as well but had front standing

£57 for the ticket and then £90 for a scarf and pin badge that would have cost £40 on the day

Yes I stood near the front but only because I complained about having to queue t get in.

It was a great gig and about the 4th time I have seen LP but in future I will buy a normal ticket and spend the extra on merch I actually want


In theory the packages sound better, but in reality they usually aren’t. In my opinion, £150 should get you a m&g before doors and early entry into the venue. I got into the venue at 8:20 and when the crowd started to move there was room to shuffle forwards and I got a great spot. Not as good as at the barrier though. Got a great video of Chester and Brad doing Sharp Edges :slight_smile:

Definitely complain.


Sorry you got let down like that, I must admit I looked at block 1 from the barrier (i’m assuming that mirrors your block? Could be wrong!) and it seemed like it may have been restricted view (also appeared pretty far away, in terms of Manchester’s front blocks to the stage.) A few of us mentioned the perks in another thread. £150 you should AT LEAST get something signed, maybe not in person, but a poster/ print in the goodie bag etc. To know the merch you got was the same stuff they had for sale? Not cricket. I wreckon you have every right to make your opinion known to whoever organised the packages.

As a side note, surely you guys wouldnt have needed to pay for early access if you were seated? That shouldve shaved some money off the price if they were listing that as an incentive… Anyhow, good luck, hope you sort something out!

Not ribbing on the band/ label etc here at all, but I believe someone needs to be aware of this for sure.


Manchester was worth the money spent …still a side view but at least in front of stage. Early access meant no queue to buy merchandise so we got the right size T-shirt. No queue for drink was a chalk and cheese experience. The Guys were amazing no complaints there just the seats for what we paid was disappointing …probably won’t purchase again.


Ahh I didnt think about the merch queue, fair enough! Must admit I do prefer standing but I would like to try the front seat blocks at Manchester if I ever get the chance/ am lucky enough. Seem really good!


I didn’t get the VIP Package but I bought my ticket in the LPU presale and was allocated block 12. I was disappointed with the view because of that blinding light in my eyes the whole time but it didn’t impact my enjoyment of the show itself, still had an amazing time.

I would most definitely be disappointed had I paid VIP prices though. Block 12 should have been sold as restricted view.


That light was a pain…No I still enjoyed the show .It has made me question doing VIP again


This is one of many reasons why I never even considered buying VIP Package tickets, for whatever concert. I rather pay a normal ticket and buy the merchandise myself. Sorry to hear about the bad experience and hope at least this will be solved so it won’t be this bad for others in the future.


I have contacted CID entertainment . Ill let you all know how I get on :slightly_smiling_face:


That sucks… to be honest thought that’s why I didn’t buy the ticket, from the description it didn’t seem worth it at all and early entry is kinda pointless when you have a resevered seating ticket.

When they went on sale I did some research and CID entertainment have terrible reviews for all there events, so I decided not to go ahead as no pavkage seemed worth it, apart perhaps the super expensive one which was a little to much.

It sucks that you had that experience but I can’t say I am surprised.

What I would take issue with was the fact your seats were so poor and that the “limited edition” mercy you got with your package was also being sold at the march stall.

Inter Asti get to hear what other peoples experiences were, particularly of the other packages.


Yeah maybe should have done some research but as previous experience had been so good. My friend cant stand for hours so being guaranteed good seats was important. That really was the reason for the paying so much .I don’t need a football scarf, the pin is OK but the price for me was all about getting good seats. really why Im so disappointed. Contacted Ticketmaster and CID now . waiting for response.


That makes me worried. I have VIP for the US tour. I got the premium GA VIP. I just want to be as close as possible. I hope I’ll be in the front row of GA.


It could be all down to the stadium …if You have seat numbers I would check with the venue . As I said previously we were fine in Manchester.


I think that part of the issue could be that for some reason this show was aimed more towards the standing area. I’ve been there before and swear that the seating area came further forwards. The closest row to the stage was quite far away. Not sure if that was LP management or the venue’s idea as both play a hand in the venue layout.


Seating normally goes down to row E - we were on row R and ended up on the front row in block 3! So you are correct that the venue had increased standing room…