Never Again!


Will I go to another concert, standing in the rain, hail and for hours was so worth it!! No other band will be worth that. Going to the summit and meeting the band and all the amazing people that work with them plus going to the show in 1 week has been the most amazing time of my life. The fact that the team remembered us from the summit and came to say hello just shows what type of people they are. I will make every effort to be at the next summit!!


My only question, why did you name this “never again”? I thought I was gonna read about complaint of some sort.


I remembered Victimized(?).


I knew people would have thought i was bitching about something and would look at it. I just wanted everyone to know that it was the best show ever and I will never waste my time to go and watch another band live


Never Again!!.. Victimized? [lol]


I agree the best ever. & the summit, cant believe its been a week already.


Lol! So are so witty baby.

I have so much more love and respect for the guys. They are so brilliant yet so humble and caring. Was the best week of my life, still only listening to LP but now I have the memories of meeting them at the summit and them blowing my mind away on stage.

My voice is still returning but words cannot explain what an experience it has all been. I will definitely try to attend all the summits.



I wish they did a summit close to where I live. I want that experience so bad! Just seeing them in concert was amazing I can only imagine what its like to actually meet them!


killing it with your title! :slight_smile:


The title doesn’t fit…but if there wouldn’t be THIS title, I wouldn’t comment it now.


I haven’t been to a Summit yet, but there’s always the next one. I love their shows! You can tell they are so appreciative of their fans and enjoy being on stage working the crowd. I try to see them every year and luckily they are playing a show in Las Vegas in 2013!


awesome! glad to hear you had a great experience!


I love your title man, it rules!
True though, LP is so worth it!


The Title shockt me but i must keep smiling as I read this :slight_smile: