Never gonna be able to meet Linkin Park


I’m just sitting here watching Linkin Park Media videos and seeing all the people that are fortunate enough to meet these amazing people. I really wish I had the chance to meet them.


ill probably won’t meet them either, so i know how you feel . but dont give up, maybe someday :slight_smile:


i know how you feel. never give up hope. sometimes dreams come true :wink:


Join a Meet & greet on your next lp concert, I shaked hands with them and that made me very happy (on my first concert on the 23rd of November) now the next step is to meet them or be able to say a couple of words to them ^^ I will do it, i’m sure of it :stuck_out_tongue:


You never know! You will eventually meet them. It took me 7 years but it happened and it was beyond amazing!


it took me almost 8 years to meet them and still they haven’t been to India . I had gone to Uk to study to see linkinpark in 2010 ,. Like eva said you never know when you will meet them ! im same like you sitting in home watching their videos and listening their audio now. Dont give up hope . cheers !


As long as you’re in the LPU, you’ll always at least have a chance.


Never give up on your dreams… mine finally came true on the 23/11/14 <3


I don’t have enough money, I just wish i could spend a day and see what it’s like to be them. I want to thank them for literally saving my life at one point and just much more.


“Never” is a strong word. Many of us have waited long to be a part of the elite group that has seen them play live. Money is a concern, just not a big one. Maybe you can start saving now and live your dream. All the best :smile:


Don’t give up. It took me nine years to meet them. Believe me, when you get your chance, it’ll be worth the wait. They’re great guys that make extraordinary music. They really changed my life too, I’m forever grateful. Make it your goal, IT WILL HAPPEN


It definitely helps if you’re in the LPU and able to attend a few shows. The rest is up to the M&G lottery. :smile:
Keeping my fingers crossed for all of you!


Yeah. You have more of a chance to meet them with LPU than anything from the public. I never met them either and have felt the same doubt as you have. We just gotta keep our heads held high.


I feel the same way. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be able to meet them. There’s gonna be a concert here in my city January 2015, but my parents won’t let me go (I’m still underage). Thing is, I don’t think they’ll come tour here again, so I’ll be missing the one closest chance I’ll get of meeting them. :’(


@Beezeecade Don’t cry! you will get plenty of opportunities to see them in coming years. Smile, and enjoy the holidays :smile:


They saved my life too… losing myself in their music saw me thru some rough times.


I would so LOVE to meet Linkin Park. I listened to Chester scream everyday during my physiotherapy after my liver transplant. I had to learn how to walk, to eat, and to speak again, while listening to their lyrics, I dug deep inside and pushed myself beyond my limits. I want to thank them for giving me the inspiration and drive to fight to get out of the hospital. They changed my life. I even wrote a lame song inspired by this ordeal. Thanks for all the many years of helping me Bleed It Out.


Guys, you can’t only be complaining. You have to run after your dreams. You emsebdi LPU members is already half way. I thought I would never have that chance too, but on the last show I attended I was selected to the M & G! It was a wonderfull experience.


Never give up your hope!! one day you will have the chance to meet them


Sunday im going to my first LP concert and also won the meet and greet lottery :slight_smile: trust me anything can happen