Never got an email for my THP Digital Download - not sure who to contact?


Hey guys, I preordered the “The Hunting Party
Deluxe CD Package + T-shirt + Lithograph” bundle about a week before its Australian release date using my mother’s credit card (I don’t have my own), and my internet connection cut out just as the order went through. Despite the credit card having been charged, neither mine nor her email address have received any emails concerning my digital downloads, or even confirming the order.
I’m yet to receive the physical album yet, as it’s supposed to arrive 4 - 6 weeks after release/purchase, so I’m not sure if maybe the order didn’t go through or not, but I’m super concerned and I’d like to contact someone about this, but I’m not sure who…

Can anyone help me out?


Well, on the european version of the LP website where you can order the album, you find a contact link below. It leads you to a online form: Link

I think, you’ll find the link to the contact form also on the aussie website.