New album hype!


As if everyone hasn’t noticed yet, Linkin Park has been uploading teasers for their newest album. Today, they showed us the last one.

Their first single is called “Heavy” featuring Kiiara, and it will be released tomorrow on February 16th. (After they mentioned a female singer, I was hoping it would be Amy Lee, but still cool.) I’m expecting it to be good.

The album cover has also been released, and it looks amazing.



Oh I was also hoping it was Amy Lee too!


We have a centralized topic for all things relating to the new album here:


Would you all consider this their “mellow-est” lead single? It’s like putting Shadow of the Day out as your lead single (which is fine! SOTD is one of my favorite songs lol). Just comparing past lead singles and this is definitely mellow (from what we’ve heard so far). I’m just a tad surprised they didn’t pick a more heavier song (no pun intended). Regardless, I cannot wait!


You new people really do need to start searching through the forums.




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