New album in 2016


Hi so in 2016 we will be getting new Album what would you like to hear on the new alum or what direction do you think it will take


I think that this will be experiment with music, maybe something very radical new, I hope, will be a juicy music- with powerful bass and complex guitar riffs. And Chester will be scream as usual.


Guys, same thread here 7th studio album announced


@EvoOba thanks but mike said in interview not started working on new album yet the link is on LPU if want to view :wink:


wooow now earned Editor Bagde :smile:


I know I know, it’s just the same discussion pretty much. About the sound and stuff or what we want to see and hear. People post links of interviews sometimes too.
It’s easier having the same topic in one place really, that’s all.


@EvoOba I know I just put one but got no response when did the post like normally would don’t know why was only after you told me that I knew there was another post about new album :slight_smile:


@EvoOba lets just play this :wink:


Cool stuff! :slight_smile:


@EvoOba whats song you love the most


I can’t chose just one… my most favorite right now is All For Nothing.


@EvoOba here you go :wink:


Chester said they would like to make stuff that’s fun to play live, so maybe something that’s similar to ‘The Hunting Party’ and ‘A Thousand Suns’


@THETOOT I am sure it will be a great album what ever way they chose to go :smile:


I don’t care about what they are going to play. But whatever they do i FUCKING love it. :kissing_heart:FOREVER LINKIN PARK :kissing_heart:


I hope new stuff will be oldschool again…first two albums were godlike…after that they just get worse and worse…pls satisfy the oldschool fans from day one…would be great! :wink:


The best you’re probably going to get is LPU demos


@Dani_Zed if you feel they just got worse after first 2 albums why you syill in LPU ? better to make something different than to make same album every year like a lot of bands do


@TripleXero ??? demos for a new album ???


I am still Interested in the band and you know…hope dies at the end…so i am still hoping to hear some cool tunes again. Direction on the hunting Party was right on some Songs, but I think I am Not alone with my opinion of having a old School New metal Sound back like in the end of the 90s. Would fresh it up…but that is just my Personal opinion. Maybe I am just too old now and Stuck in my taste back in the days. :wink: