New album in late 2013?


Linkin Park stated they wanted to come out with a new album every 18 months. Do you think they’ll have one in early 2014 or late 2013?


Would be super. The new album under the Christmas tree ^ ^


Even though I can’t wait for a new albume and new EU tour, I’d prefer LP took some time and rest, think, create preacefully. I mean I dont want them to become too exhausted or involve too much electronics in their new music and get rid of real instruments. So I think its better to wait a lil bit longer but have a great new ablume and tour.


Highly doubt it will happen. They are working on the soundtrack for “The Mall” now and I don’t think they’ll be done before the end of the tour so, probably not. Maybe at the end of next year or later.


I have no hurry. LP won’t run away.


I hope so :slight_smile:


I really dont want them to get to tired either!


As much as I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a new album this year, I too don’t want a rushed album just because Mike said every 18months for a new album. That puts too much pressure on them to just throw something together to fill the album if they are running out of time.


I actually think that it’s going to be a couple of years until we see another album. I’m thinking early 2014. It’s like everyone is saying how they shouldn’t rush. Take there time, Get idea’s rolling and get creative.

But I wouldn’t mind some new Fort Minor !


is this just a rumor or a real statement of a band member?

Would be awesome of coure :wink:


That would be awesome! :smiley:


Just. Don’t. Rush. It.

Better wait a year than end up with something… really bad. And late 2013 would indeed be very rushed.


You mean new album on xmas? :smiley: GREAT :smiley:


new “album” is in making. they will release the soundtrack for Hahn’s movie “The Mall” and that is stated as new album.


Lets see what will happen. I’m not in a hurry


Yeah, I thought the new album they were talking about was “Mall”. I would like them to scrap the 18 month method and go back to taking their time with their albums, and that’s no shade on “Living Things”, they just seem to work better that way.


It would be awesome if they did, but i dont really mind when their next one comes out. I wouldn’t want them to rush themselves


im not done with this album yet [biggrin]…i agree with Shoegaze4u:they wont run away


We all know they WILL make a new album, but like a lot of you on here, I would rather wait longer and have them spend quality time creating it rather than rushing it out this year.

Mid 2014 at the earliest I’m thinking.


I hope for a spring 2014 album and a 2014 summer tour in the US!