New Album thoughts?


What are your hopes for the upcoming Linkin Park album? Is there anything you want to see more of? Or maybe less of?


More of HT-like song arranged in an ATS-Like Manner

More of Mike as a Lead Singer. Hahaha

Less of Remixes like in Recharged.


Well first: To wait similar to HT in general I advise an album to nobody because these people are waited by disappointment…
Secondly: Yes, the album will be MOST LIKELY heavy, there will be guitars and other, but it won’t be similar to that they did earlier…


I would like it, if the new album won’t content too many electronic elements and won’t goes into the direction like “A Light That Never Comes”. I would prefer more noisy rock parts, guitars and surprising moments.


some epic shit…like Metalica,misfits. or New STP/Dead by sunrise idk something cool like that… lol :slight_smile:


Mix of HT, Meteora, MTM, ATS and LT!
More and More of Chester! hahaha… Peace Marcial!


[quote=Myla79]Mix of HT, Meteora, MTM, ATS and LT!
More and More of Chester! hahaha… Peace Marcial![/quote]

Ganonan na ha!?


Peace Myla!


hahahaha… kaw naman! you know i love Mike as well… :wink: actually the whole band naman… pati ikaw din! :smiley:


What about… more of ROB’s DrumSolo?, like in Bleed It Out (RTR, 2008) hmmmm…


yeah… to showcase every talent for each band member! great idea Marcial! [cool]


My favorite album is Meteora, but I like more the way MTM sounds, It sounds deeper then HT and Meteora.
If they release a album that sounds like ATS or LT, it will be awsome! If they release another album like MTM,it will be awsome! And if they release a album that sounds like nothing they have done before, it will be interesting to see what that sound like! But overall, I would like less electronica, more real instruments, More screams from Chester, allot of rap from Mike, vocals from all band members, accoustick song(s) like The Messenger, powerfull songs, another song that starts off with vocals like Forgotten, singing from both Mike and Chester, songs that is like Blackout and Lost In The Echo in the middle of the song, guitar solo and an epic intro song!


I’m sure I’ll like whatever they put out (with the exception of Recharged), but a mix of all the previous records would be cool, similar to LT.


Want it to carry on the same way it is going dont go backwards go forwards, i know it wont be like recharged cause as some people are forgeting that was a remix album like reanimation its not them totally changing there music, i like the set up in ATS but like the fact they keep changing but hope the new album is a bit longer