New Art Contest!


Hey guys, I’m having another art contest on my blog! The contest is not Linkin Park related, but if you feel like doing fan art, that’s okay, too. All forms of art are allowed, no matter if it’s drawing, painting, crafting, digital art, etc.

Here is my blog post with all the details:

[quote]Hi guys, the last art contest was a huge success, so it’s about time to have a new one!

Send your submissions to or add them to my DeviantArt group.


1st prize: Publish your work on this blog for 6 months!

2nd prize: Publish your work on this blog for 2 months!

3rd prize: 1 article about you and your art

Deadline: December 20, 2012.

There will be a public voting. I will choose the 3 winners out of the Top 5 from the public voting.

Voting time: December 22, 2012 – January 13, 2012.

Share this post on Twitter, Facebook and DeviantArt to spread the news! If you know any artists, tell them about it.[/quote]


so sorta of a freestyle contest thing?


:o i loved this :3


Exactly! A freestyle contest! You can also send in art work you’ve already done. No need to create something especially for the contest. I hope many people participate! Last time I had about 35 submissions - all types of visual art. It was a lot of fun!


then i think i will send in my christmas wallpaper featuring linkin park when its done :smiley:


Hey guys, I’ve changed the deadline to December 31!

You can find all details here:


here you go
this is my entry :smiley:


[quote=SD]here you go
this is my entry :smiley:


Hey SD, I love the wallpaper, but please only submit original art work that doesn’t contain any other pictures/photos (like the photo of LP in your wallpaper). Please submit something else again, because I like your work XD.

To everyone else: go ahead and submit your contribution in this forum post. I’ll check it once in a while for any new submissions.


oh so you mean drawings and so on
not digital artwork…


Digital art is fine, but it must be yours and not contain other’s work or photos made by others.

The deadline is soon so send me your submission asap…