New diverse music



I suppose you all enjoy Linkin Park’s diversity as much as I do, because every album is a new world to enter.
Regarding the wide spectrum of sounds that Linkin Park puts into their music, it was always a big inspiration for me.

I would like to start a new topic where everyone can share new interesting sounds and songs with the community, because I suppose there are a lot of musicians and music lovers here.
I really like songs where mechanical sounds are included like in “A line in the sand” or “Foreword” from meteora. Also in “A thousand suns” tons of great sounds are included.

I made a lot of mechanical noises in my garage lately and it happened to be a song that will have two complementary songs.
So if you like some experimental music, give it a listen.

Feel free to post more experimental creations :wink:


I really love different mechanical sounds too, I really liked Muse’s album The 2nd Law, especially the last tracks on the album just show how great artists can utilise sounds and certain genre cliches (in this example dubstep) to further explore the theme and topic of the song.


i just posted this song in another topic. I think Rock/Metal Operas are pretty cool, but they are very few in number.


@User_5578321 yeah Muse is a very unique band, thanks for sharing.

@amitrish definitely a powerful combination


Hi everyone,

A few may have listened to my Part 1-Mechanical mind:

If you’d like to keep the musical story going, then listen to my Part 2:

It’s for those who would like to hear some free music without any rules of structures.


@gatsie share your pink elephant here!!!


OMG but that Pink Elephant is old, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright then, enjoy:


@Gatsie Nice one :wink: Seems like you had a creative flash while doing this or something :smile:

If you guys would like to help me out, check out my latest song I recorded:

It’s the third part of my mechanical trilogy.
Feel free to share and comment.



Thank you @OLi_LPU I was indeed having a flash of something alright. LOL

But it’s nothing compared to what you make, haha. Your creations are something else. This one you shared I think is yet another brilliantly made song!


@Gatsie As long as you stay in a creative mood, good stuff will come out! Keep on creating stuff :wink:
Thank you very much for listening!


Good stuff @OLi_LPU sounds a bit like sense of soul I like it, would you complete it with vocals or is it finished like this? And where are the other parts of the Triologie? :clap:


@The_early_walker Thank you! Song is finished, I preferred humming in these songs because I wanted more room for interpretation :wink:
The other parts of my trilogy can be found on my YouTube channel

or here in “New diverse music” in earlier posts above.



And if you’d like to help me out and support me, I’m curious about how you guys feel about my newest song:

I appreciate every listener :smile: