New Fort Minor album


Does anyone know what goes on at the Fort Minor pages on instagram and facebook? There were already some things which could mean there will be a new Fort Minor Album, like the line in a song on “Recharged”, or Mike saying he wants to do a second album. But now there has been created a new instagram page called @fortminor and mike follows it. But there are no posts yet and the profile picture is all black. The facebook page of Fort Minor uploaded 2 black pictures and deleted all the other posts to make it an “empty” page. If you put sone effects on those 2 pics you see a very strange combination of the colour red and sometimes some other colours. Looks a bit like a new art style idk. I heard Slipknot used the same technique to make their page an “empty” page before releasing a new album. Does anybody know something more about this? If there was a new album I could die in peace!


That’s black pic after using some effects




Yes we can


All we have are (obvious) hints so far. So we can assume it will happen very soon… But who confirmed it?


IMO 2015 would be the most iconic time to release it. Ten years after the last!


Actually I still do not believe, I want to believe (x files) but I will not get anxious or with high hopes if that does not happen. Remember the birthday of 10 years of HT…
Just want to say that 10 years does not mean much. But I hope I’m wrong.


Oh, man, if they do come out with a new album, that’d be so great. I don’t wanna get my hopes up though, so I’ll just be remembering the name for now, haha…


We’d like to pop the CD in and take it for a spin. Make the whole block rockin in stereo :wink:


this better be real!‘Ö’


It would be very cool if Shinoda still release a new album FM)


I don’t know more about it, but I really think (and hope) there’ll be a release soon. It seems very likely to happen, it’s just fitting in with the free time they got because of the tour cancellation and Chester’s tour with STP? That’s what I think.


Still listen The Rising Tied every Week, would be great if they release a new one.


I love listening to “Cigarette” whenever I’m out of smokes… Very motivating :unamused: :sweat_smile:


Maybe Mike will release a special 10th anniversary edition of TRT, who knows! But he is definitely cooking something, otherwise he wouldn’t go in so much trouble creating accounts and stuff for FM all over.


hmm, really…


A new Fort Minor album would be great! :smiley:


i love remember the name and believe me :slight_smile: great songs


and now it is happen, its confirmed on twitter


We don’t know what it is yet. For all we know, Mike could be messing with us. Tak is away in Asia, Ryu is away in Hawaii on vacations and has already stated he knows nothing about what’s happening (and I trust him). Also, on Conan’s site it states that it will be a cover band. What does that mean?
We have to wait till Monday to really know what’s up with FM.