New Function MAKE WiKi


hey guys, found another “change” , due to the lpu´s changing[not announced but step by step, new smileys, new badges, we get the “make wiki” function adding to a post so everybody, think from up reg. status can write with, @samuel_the_leader and me tested it this morning, I try to open this topic now, for the"wiki" function, would ya like to test it out @gatsie, @amitrish, @the_termin8r1 @evooba, @triplexero and all other,

-Myth about noodles: the italians brought them up,

now, if I got it right, everybody can add his wiseness, join, c´mon, lets make wiki


I don’t get it. What changes? Did I miss an announcement or something? Where does Wikipedia fit into this? And what about noodles? I’m confused.

I just realized this is under a LPU category. Some of the people you tagged don’t have access to it.


try to addsth to mypost above, you´re able "to write within MY post here insides lpu, like making lpu-wiki, assample I choose noodles, everybody can write his “knowing” in the original post, dunnow why, but got thisfunktion from this morning up it´s to find under the … post-del etc, have a look, maybe funny…lol :relaxed: @evooba [sry for the missing spaces, but due to beachsand the space bar ist victim of, must be touched really hard to work]


If you mean that you can edit other people’s topics then that’s nothing new. All regular users can do that.
As for Wikipedia and noodles, I still don’t get where they fit in. Are we talking about a game or something?


I think I know how to enable other people to edit now :grin:
this is the @samuel_the_leader post edited by @the_early_walker but this one you left open…:joy: @Derek [fangirl] is this option new? What for? @lpuhq


With the gaining of new trust level badges come certain privileges. I’ve asked them to be looked at. Expect more soon.


Do you plan (or did you suggest) on killing the wiki feature for Regulars? I had an idea for it but I won’t do it if it won’t work later





Hi @Derek, official moderatortitel changed my beloved fangirl…a lil sry that shes gone…lol :smirk: