New Here... well not new to the LPU, but to the forum


I started listening to Linkin Park in 2000, and started considering myself a serious fan a year or two later. It helped that my best friend was also a huge Linkin Park fan, but recently the two of us have had a falling out, which is fine but it’s a weird situation suddenly not knowing anyone who is as obsessed with Linkin Park as you are. Luckily the whole thing has made my love for the band all the stronger. I’d really love to actually use my membership to meet some people who are like me.


you will meet alot of people here who share your love for all things LP! I have meet some extremely nice, amazing people here who dont judge you. you can read more of my story here…


Woah, that sounds pretty intense. I’m glad things took a turn for the best for you. I checked out your tattoos, they’re pretty awesome!


Welcome :slight_smile:
My LPU Story


Welcome to the forum!
We should recieve points for our participation here in the forum… We’re socializing more!(?)


Agreed, forum points would be awesome! And while the subject of points is still relevant, does anyone use them?


Welcome! I am new(ish) myself. I was a member back in LPU9 but could not afford to come back when they changed the price and $25 for a month just wasn’t worth it. But this year they made $25 offer for one year plus the CD for a $1 so I took advantage and I must say, its nice to be back. I hope you enjoy the community!