NEW Linkin Park Album - CONFIRMED


Judging by the photo, it will most likely be depressing and electronic.


Uh. Ok


Never judge a book by its cover.



Electronic can be happy.


Not nessecarily electronic either but we’ll see.


Did I get it right, that the lpu members get every month one free download of one new song? I am sure, it will have it´s own character, pressed out of a time, they all were busy to the edge, you sure will hear that, even about Chester and his way of deciding, to be exclusive LP, I think we will hear all the things, that had happened the last year made in music, and now it depends, how near Aoki and Shinoda were theese days, that would be like more electronic beats on, if they meet often, if not, the rocky side is forward… lets wait and be


I hope not!
But you can’t really tell yet from the new site design.
Just hope that Martin Garrix won’t be on the album…


I believe it was confirmed at the beginning of 2015.


It was about the rest of lpu15 songs


I feel like this time they could release the album much earlier than always.


Would be very nice, seems that they have stuff a lot, and now the chance to get together and be creative, great immagination how the work flows @xTirea:relaxed:


I think it will be more somethin new, electronic beat maybe happen on next album, but still keep rap and rock…hope sounds good…


Im hoping for the energy from hunting party, lyrics from meteoro and more synthesisers. Would love a concept album also


I’m hoping for a Meteora comeback, with more THP energy and maybe some electronic :smile:I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS ALBUM!!!


@Ryan_Grey Well its LP so what ever way they chose to go it will be amazing and no band wants to be stuck doing same album over again this is why love seeing what they are going to come out with lets just wait and see what they come out with then judge the album :slightly_smiling:

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