New Linkin Park Logo! What do you think?


Hei Folks!

As I saw right they uploaded a new Linkin Park Logo with a missing part.

Are you thinking that is a fair way to show us what the bandmates are feeling?

I was irritated, but I understand it.

Has anyone other ideas about this new Logo?

To my mind it is a straight way to explain feelings… just to show that there is now a missing part but, on the other hand it is a lost and away. I do not know if it is possible to erase him that way out if the band.

I mean he is still there on all of these records, pictures in our minds and memories!

Is it a fair way or not?

I am grateful for every comment you folks leave, because it helps me to understand others!




I didn’t even realize it that way until now, thanks for that! and now that I’m thinking about it, I think it’s a perfect way to show that LP is now broken, maybe not literally but mentally at least. one part of the band is lost and we’re never getting it back, although we still have all the old material with Chester.

I don’t think this is meant to show off like “hey look we forgot Chester already, we even made a new logo to show it”. it’s more like a way just to show that there’s a missing part in the circle now and it cannot be whole again.


have you ever notice that the LP logo is always compose by 6 lines? they are there for a reason… know one’s gone :’(


Yes I understood it that way too! But I try to figure out, of this is fair for Chester!


Did you realized that one line is split into two? If you see it as detailed as it is, then now there are six lines!! Illuminati! :metal:t2::sunglasses:




Yeeeeeeees :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: