New lpu member!


I have no idea how this works :joy:, but i’m a new member! My first linkin park concert will be the oml Los Angeles tour date, hopefully i’ll be able to meet them then or in the near future :blush:


Welcome :slight_smile: , browsing a few threads should give you a general idea. If you want get to know us more try out some of our game threads.


welcome to lpu


Hello there, welcome to LPU!

If you’re looking for the rules, read the “LPU Code of Conduct” here

Also the FAQ if you want more info

And make sure you’ll be having fun here in this forums. As what @the_termin8r’s said, browsing some threads should give you the general idea and try some of our game threads that we created here (Technically, I didn’t create one yet lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Well hello again and have fun :slightly_smiling_face:


It is really great to meet you and I hope that you have fun here. :heart::blush:


Im new too! But I don’t know how anything works haha :smile:


I have been just reading threads :joy: do you have a ticket for the oml tour? @thelvadam


@hhernandezlicon and @thelvadam

Post a reply on this thread with the following:

@discobot start new user

That will make a notification pop up and the forum bot will lead you through the basics in a private thread, just do as the bot says. Once you’ve done it you have the option of doing the advanced tutorial which is shorter than the basic one. Type the following to start it once you finish the first:

@discobot start advanced user


Hi! No im from germany :smile: they didn’t had any shows near me except at greenfield Festival and I saw them there I even gave chester my hand, was the best concert ever :blush:


Atleast you have seen them before! Good for you, sounds amazing :blush: @thelvadam


Sounds like you got the bad end of the deal. :stuck_out_tongue:


@the_termin8r :joy:, I feel as if i’m one of the few who hasn’t seen them yet, have you?


Yeah, saw them for the first time 9 days ago.


That’s cool, i’m still waiting til October 22 :joy:


HI! I’m new too. Congrats on your 1st LP concert! I can only imagine your excitement. In two weeks I will be seeing them again after 10 years!! Super hype! :grin:


@jlucas1202 Hey! :blush: & yes I am very excited! I’m happy you get to see them again after so long!


Hello! Nice to see new people, I’m fairly new myself but you’ll get a hold of the ropes around here in no time :slight_smile:
I also haven’t seen them live yet though I’ve been a fan for 16years haha will catch them September 1st in Tahoe then hopefully if I can catch late tickets will see them in San Jose mid October :smile:
Anyway, have fun on here!


@framos1792 Nice to meet you! And lucky you that you get to see them twice! I’ll see them in Los Angeles late october :blush:


hello:) I’m also new member and I just scroll through everything to learn how it works :stuck_out_tongue:


New members are always welcome here.