New LPU members


I’m Carly from Glasgow in Scotland. I’ve recently just become an LPU member and would like to get to know you all!

Reply with your name and where you’re from


Hey Carly welcome to the LPU!
I am Raphael, 23 years old and I live in Brazil.


hello and welcome. i´m melanie and i live in wassenberg (germany, near netherlands)


ciao sono Gianluca e vengo da Roma. Sono entusiasta per il concerto degli LP nella mia città <3


Hey! Welcome! I’m Camila, from Brazil :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. I’m happy to be back in lpu.


Hi there!
I’m also new here, though I’ve been a fan of LP for about 15 years now :slight_smile:
My name is Sonja and I’m a 26-year-old girl from Finland.
And I’m SO excited that LP is finally, after too many years, coming to Finland next August! Can’t wait!!


Graham in England


Welcome to LPU, Carly! :smile:

My name is Tiago and i’m from Portugal :smiley:


Welcome :slight_smile: I’m Megan, I’m 25 and I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Hi Carly :smile:

I’m Zoe & I’m in sunny (lol) Sussex by the Sea, England

waves flag :gb:


Hello everyone!
My name is Kos, i am from Belarus, Minsk!
Can anybody tell me about meet&greet?


Hello Kos
I have sent you a "Friend Request "
Have a look on my profile and also check out pics and videos on Instagram.
These will give you a bit on M&G…
If you can go to one, trust me it is the best ever


Whats the question? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey i’m Nathan, i’m 20 and I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Still bummed about the US leg of the hunting party tour getting cancelled.
I’ve only gotten to see LP once six years ago.


Hello, i am Anke from Berlin/Germany, lets have a great time all together. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi everyone, I’m a new LPuser too. My name is Beatrice, I’m italian, from Milan (:


Hi everyone, I’m Thiago, from Brazil! I’m a new LPUser too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hi there! I’m Karl from Pennsylvania in the United States. I joined the LPU in January and it is lovely!


Hello everybody :grinning: I’m Anna, 27 years old, and I was born in Belarus. But now I live in Moscow