New person here :)


Hello everybody!
I am new here.
I love Linkin Park for many years, but never been involved in any fan clubs and stuff until I went to my very first gig in July. They were simply amazing! I am obsessed even more than I was! I think this was the best concert I’ve ever attended. It is so awesome to talk to likeminded people! So hello and greetings from London :slight_smile:


Greetings from the USA! Welcome to the family, enjoy your stay!!


@rorymcgarrett cross my path and I’ll murder you…umm…* cough *…I mean welcome to the forum. :joy:

But in all seriousness, welcome :slight_smile: . We don’t bite here.


[quote=“the_termin8r, post:3, topic:30141, full:true”]We don’t bite here.



Well, I don’t bite, I just kill on site; it’s in my programming. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol I am glad you don’t bite. Much. :slight_smile: I will have a look probably tomorrow as now it’s 11pm across the pond. I hope I will find myself here pretty quickly :slight_smile:


I’m in the UK as well.


Oh yeah, I’ve noticed after I sent the message! Have you been to the O2 gig in July?


Yeah, it was my first one as well.


Cool :slight_smile: It’s been worth waiting for 14 hours in the arena. I really regret not going to Brixton the next day.


14? Bloody hell man. I did 9 and wanted to die. :joy: All the people started coming after 15:00.


Yeah, I was there at 9am. We had a great group there even if I came alone. That made me totally appreciate LP fans. We were sharing books and throwing kit-kats and stuff like that.


Oh, you were the guys with the kitkats :joy: I was the one in the bright green shirt, maybe you saw me at some point .:stuck_out_tongue:


I probably saw you at one point as I was going out of the queue quite often. I had grey Linkin Park t-shirt I purchased at the O2 and I have long ginger hair. So you probably saw me somewhere.


I left the queue once, at the worst possible time. I went looking for the toilets (there were no signs) and then I get a message from @evooba telling me the line has moved (it was when they moved us past that fence). I had to barge through EVERYONE.


Oh wow. I was afraid that this may happen when I was going to the toilet. But my secret is no food or drink for the whole day. It worked. I was literally in the second row, half first, and was lucky enough (that is questionable tho) that Chester was sweating on me during Crawling (personally it’s a bit disguisting lol)


I wanted to go just in case, I wasn’t dying, good thing too since there was a line as long as the one for the show for the toilets and I didn’t even get to go. :laughing:


Oh yeah. LAst time I went was 5pm and that was it. Super long queue. And I made it on time. I was barely standing after whole day of queueing and then jumping like crazy. I want more now. But the advice is to not eat or drink, even a little bit


Personally I don’t think I’ll be waiting that long again. I’m a person who loathes waiting ages for something that doesn’t last anywhere near as long as the wait, it’s just irrational to me.

Also this thread might interest you:


Ah the kit kats, Yeap! I’m pretty sure I saw you walk by a couple of times… fun days. Crazy it’s been 2 weeks already.